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NEW PRODUCTS for your bike


In de slipstream van de MotoGP heeft het Spaanse Repsol speciaal voor

de motorfiets een compleet gamma minerale -

 en synthetische smeermiddelen ontwikkeld.

Zowel tweetaktmotoren als viertaktmotoren

worden bedient met een lijn hoogwaardig oliën.

 Repsol wijst naar de sterke specificaties van het gamma

waarbij veel aandacht werd besteed aan motorbescherming,

stabiliteit, olieverbruik en slijtage.     

Welke motorfiets je ook hebt of hoe je rijstijl ook is,

Repsol kent het antwoord. De oliegigant koos ervoor om voor

 elk motortype een gespecialiseerd product uit te werken.

Met het oog op de bijzondere noden van iedere motorrijder

 zijn smeermiddelen voor zowel dagelijks gebruik

tot extreme competitie machines verkrijgbaar.   

Bekijk gerust een overzicht van de hele lijn op de

Bike Design website.



Corbin Introduces

Trunk Box for 2014 Indian Chieftain


Hollister, CA - Corbin engineers took one look at

the new Indian Chieftan and immediately

 went to work designing a new spacious

Trunk Box for it that features 47 liters of storage...

 enough to hold a full face street helmet with room to spare.

 Fully lockable with a lined interior

 and color matched exterior,

 the weather stripped Corbin Trunk Box

takes form and function to a new level.


Corbin Introduces Dual Tour,

Classic Solo and Gambler Saddles for 2014 Harley-Davidson FLH Models

Hollister, CA- The Dual Tour saddle is the most generously sculpted seating on two wheels!

 This model is designed specifically for the HD Touring bikes that have the new (2014)

Tour Pak design from The MoCo. In other words, it fits your Electra Glide Ultra Classic,

Ultra Limited or the CVO Limited models.

If you put the new Tour Pak on your 2014 Street Glide then this would be the way to roll for that also. 


Alle producten  en meer.



Pendleton is een familiebedrijf uit Oregon USA dat al 140 jaar bestaat

 en hemden en ook indianendekens maakt van Amerikaanse wol

 die heel populair zijn onder bikers, surfers en skaters.

FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl

De Iron & Lace 2017 kalender is weer verkrijgbaar bij Nostalgia-Cycle

FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl

Opblaasbaar ZADEL

FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl

Alle Le Pera zadels te bestellen bij

Nostalgia-Cycle voor redelijke prijzen.

“Davida helmets” Nu  verkrijgbaar bij nostalgia-cycle:



FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl


FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl

FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl

Rightside drive sprocketbrake van Harrison Billet

FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl

FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl

FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl

Geef je motor meer lucht

met dit bewezen goede luchtfilter

in combinatie met deze uitlaten van

S&S. Meer pk’s = meer fun.

FOR INFO: www.nostalgia-cycle.nl

Wire Plus Develops a Retrofit Kit Program for All Big Dog Owners

Winfield, KS - Wire Plus is proud to introduce their new Big Dog Motorcycle Retrofit Kit Program.

Big Dog motorcycles have been plagued with electrical problems for years that have cost riders tons of time and money….

not to mention owning a bike that can’t be ridden. Wire Plus developed the Big Dog EHC Retrofit Kit as a solution

to the problem that their Big Dog Motorcycle had an inevitable failing EHC.

 Wire Plus has now developed a new program that will save riders time and money by doing the work for you!

Save Time - It can take 8-12 hours to modify an existing Big Dog wiring harness to complete a retrofit kit install..

.until now! Wire Plus will do the work for you. Just take off the stock Big Dog wiring harness

 (usually takes 1 - 2 hours) and send it to Wire Plus so they can do all of the work for you.

 They will visually inspect each individual wire, eliminate the "printer style" connectors that are exclusive to Big Dog,

 put on new waterproof Deutsch connectors that will make the harness "plug and play" ready for the Wire Plus EHC Retrofit Kit modules. 

 They will give it one more thorough inspection, bench test it to ensure that it's perfect and ship it back to you.

 All you have to do is reinstall the newly modified Big Dog Harness (usually takes 1 - 2 hours),

hook up and mount the EHC Retrofit Kit Modules and you're done!

There’s no more wondering if your harness is modified correctly because Wire Plus just corrected

 the Big Dog's problem in a fraction of the "normal" time.

The average time it takes to modify a complete harness has been reduced to zero because Wire Plus does it for you .                                 

Save Money- The Wire Plus Big Dog EHC Retrofit Kit is not cheap to begin with and add your shop labor

 and your customer is looking at a pretty good sized bill. You can pass along some of the savings directly

on to your customer as well as make a few extra bucks for your shop. 

 You can do more bikes with the new Big Dog Harness Modification Program from Wire Plus.

Harness Modification Service MRSP: $342.50  Dealer Cost:  $239.50
Big Dog EHC Retrofit Kit MRSP:  $519.00  Dealer Cost: $415.20  

Big Dog Retrofit Kit

* Each kit comes complete with Wire Plus' proven power module and switch control module

configured to work with the ground input switches used on all 2004+ Big Dog models

* Wire Plus modules are submersible waterproof, very compact in size and feature vibration resistant,

 solid-state breaker technology and a replaceable start relay that can be purchased at most auto parts stores.

If you’re working on a Big Dog Motorcycle and want to save time and money,

reach for the phone and call Wire Plus at (620) 221-2417 or check them out online at

 www.wire-plus.com or email them at sales@wire-plus.com.

   9MM FIRE POWER by Taylor/Sumax

PACK SOME HEAT with our new 9 MM Firepower spark plug wires.

Black wires feature  Silver Metallic 9MM Gun Boots.

These the hottest wires on the market today.

All wires fire intermittently no matter what coil or ignition you may have.

 That is why you see carbon on your plugs.

Our 9MM Firepower wires provide a solid stream

of fire power eliminating the carbon on your plugs.

This results in more horsepower, more torque and better mileage.

 Your bike will start and run better than ever before!

They are compatible with all Harley ignition systems.

You have a choice of a Custom Fit Sets for your Harley model or Universal

 Sets where you terminate to your desired length.

 All Taylor/Sumax wires are 100% made in U.S.A.. 

Distributed in Europe by Zodiac and MC Storehouse.

SUMAX www.sumax.com 

My new ride.... see video...

Cholo Street Sweeper...

Cholo means "Mexican Gangster"..



Contact: Rick Raus

Phone: 714-280-8537

Email: Rick@Vtwinmarketing.com     



MGS Custom Bikes Introduces New High Performance Slip-Ons for ’95-2013 Baggers and Dressers


Corbin Introduces Front and Rear Saddles

 for 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300

: Rick@vtwinmarketing.com


FOR INFO www.rmc-classics.com






Corbin Introduces Trunk Armrests and Cup Holder for the 2010-2013 Can Am Spyder

Email: Rick@vtwinmarketing.com


FOR INFO www.rmc-classics.com





All New 2013 Comfort Max® Gel Pads

Feature Unique Tail Bone Notch

 and Dual Density Memory Foam “Sandwich”

Email: Rick@vtwinmarketing.com


FOR INFO www.rmc-classics.com

Nieuw bij RMC Classics

Ruby helmen volledig in carbon,

geluidsdicht, optimaal comfort, super design.


Starkline Finish Adrenaline Wheel

Black Powdercoat Adrenaline Wheel

Chrome  Adrenaline Wheel

Contact: Rick Raus

Phone: 714-280-8537

Email: Rick@vtwinmarketing.com







Contact: Rick Raus

Phone: 714-280-8537

Email: Rick@vtwinmarketing.com


INFO : +31 (0) 45 850 84 94






For all new products











INFO : +31 (0) 45 850 84 94



Info : www.capricorn-leatherart.nl



INFO : +31 (0) 45 850 84 94


Trailer voor H-D touring op luchtvering chrome velgen

frigobox grote opbergruimte gespoten in twee kleuren naar keuze.
Tel.: (+32) 051/ 222 969

INFO www.west-flandersmotorbikes.be



Wake Up Your Bike...

Put some Fire in the Hole!

New Thundervolt50 8.2mm Spark Plug Wires unload spark plugs for easier starts.
Spark plug wire core technology has always fired intermittantly resulting in carboned plugs.
New Taylor core technology has a constant spark that cleans your plugs while you ride.
You get a stronger running motor with better gas mileage (averaging 3 mpg).
Core resistance is at 50 ohms per foot making

them compatible with all OEM and a majority of after market electronic ignitions.
Custom fit sets are available for all Harley Davidson Motorcycles.
Universal sets come standard with 24" leads, coil boots and terminals.
Colors: Black, Red & Blue, Yellow, Purple & Orange.
Thundervolt wires are distributed throughout Europe by MC Storehouse and Zodiac.

Sumax, 122 Clear Road, Oriskany, NY 13424.

Ph: 800-654-5546, 315-768-1058 Fax: 315-768-1046



Dyna Saddle Bags and Brackets

Sumax now offers saddle bags and brackets

for all Dyna models 2006 and newer.
One piece saddle bag brackets easily

mount to the fender rails and shock stud.
Brackets have dzus clips for quick 1/4 turn bag detachment,

 like those found on HD Touring models.
High gloss black powdercoated brackets accept Sumax

 hard bags or any HD Bags 1993 and newer.
Sumax bags are light weight yet very strong and durable.
Interior is finished with a rich charcoal trunk lining.

Exterior is a sandable premium primer gel coat finish ready for paint.
A pushbutton lockable latch opens

from the rear with a stainless stay and hinge to the front.
Bags and brackets are made at the Sumax facility in upstate New York, USA.
Brackets and bags are available at MC Storehouse.

Sumax www.sumax.com 800-654-5546 315-768-1058


RMC Classics Bvba
Mechelsesteenweg 586 A

1800 Vilvoorde (Belgium)

Tel.: +32 (0) 15/61.54.97

Fax: +32 (0) 15/61.43.18







RMC Classics